Traditional ‘ancient massage’ – Nuad Bo Rarn – is recognised and regulated as a medical discipline in Thailand.

Traditional Thai therapy takes many years to master and even with over a decade of experience I’m continually learning.

For clients in Thailand a Traditional Thai massageĀ  usually lasts two hours or more: the massage therapist using hands to apply firm, rhythmic pressure to the sen (energy) lines on the body; yoga-like stretching techniques that open up joints; plus, the pulling of fingers, toes, ears; cracking of the knuckles; walking on the recipientā€™s back and legs.

I adjust each massage therapy to fit each individual client’s requirements incorporating acupressure, reflexology as well as herbal balms as required or requested…

Traditional Thai Massage is believed to have been brought from India 2,500 years ago by the Lord Buddha’s physician for soothing the monks’ aches and pains after their long hours spent immobile meditating in their temples. The Thai monks passed this knowledge on to future generations. And, over time, this comprehensive practice evolved into a uniquely Thai art that is a fusion of the India tradition of Ayurveda and Chinese therapies.