Nuad Thai Traditional Thai massage is one of the world’s oldest healing therapies, reputedly introduced 2,500 year ago by the Buddha’s physician to ease monastic monks’ discomfort after meditating motionless for hours.

Pressure is applied to specific points following the Sen energy lines of the body. Stretching techniques similar to yoga positions are used; as a result it’s been compared to doing yoga without the effort and known as ‘lazy yoga’, while receiving acupressure treatment.

Nuad Thai, Traditional Thai massage relieves tension especially on the back, helps tight joints and eases muscle stiffness. The massage is given clothed on a mat on the floor for proper pressure and comfort.

Nuad Thai, Traditional Thai Massage‘s multi-faceted: it’s a yoga class, chiropractic session, acupuncture appointment and massage all rolled into one!

This bodywork is tailored specifically for the needs and issues of each client, and is a wonderful dynamic massage for anybody at any age…

Thai Oil Massage - therapeutic relaxing experience.

60 Minutes £45

90 Minutes £65

120 Minutes £85

Also tailored to the clients’ requirements: this massage can be relaxing, rejuvenating or a mix of both!

Clients’ retain their underwear (pants or boxers) and are covered with a towel.

Therapeutic music can also be played at your request to help you unwind and feel tension drift away. Lying on your back I’ll effleurage your legs – smooth, gliding strokes to stimulate circulation – before applying warmed oil in blissful, synchronized waves (with soft, medium or hard strokes as preferred) to your back and shoulders.

Tiger balm can be applied for deeper work on areas of specific muscle tension.

You’ll turn over as I continue on the front of your legs, arms, and chest, finishing with the face and head.

A Thai Oil Massage is holistic: relaxing, revitalising and good for body and soul.

The sensation as your muscles are massaged is extremely pleasurable and healing: relieving back and neck pain, insomnia, hypertension and recurring headaches.

The Head, back and shoulder massage - highly relaxing.

60 Minutes £45

90 Minutes £65

120 Minutes £85


Especially suitable for golfers, asthmatics and clients’ suffering from Repetitive strain injury (RSI) – the overuse of muscles and tendons in the upper body – this massage treatment relieves tension on the back, shoulders and neck.

Benefits anyone with poor posture: assembly line workers; supermarket checkout cashiers; those sat at a computer or typing; drivers.

I work on the energy lines running along the top of your shoulders and down your shoulders and points at the base, where muscle knots form finishing with the head. Oil that can be mixed with Tiger balm is used as a lubricant, and for more troublesome areas such as stubborn tight knots in the shoulders and neck I can also incorporate Gua Sha, which is also beneficial on the whole back and forearms.

Gua Sha is the ancient Chinese medicine technique of body scraping – that some Thais refer to as ‘khroodt’ – that uses tools made from water buffalo horn to scrape the skin allowing pathogens to be released by the body.

Deep tissue hot Oil Massage.

60 Minutes £45

90 Minutes £65

120 Minutes £85


Recommended for anyone who enjoys regular physical activity, or is currently recovering from a sporting injury.

Athletes having put great effort into training often neglect to care of their bodies.

A regular deep tissue massage however, in which I apply firm pressure, and strokes, with Tiger Balm if required, helps improve performance: preventing injuries and the over training of muscles.

Massage isn’t a luxury – it’s an investment!

This therapeutic treatment is individually targeted for the client’s unique physical and biomechanical needs.

It can be a full body massage or just work on individual problem areas. It’s both preventative and restorative that will ease tight muscles and improve flexibility.

It takes time to recover and not feel lethargic after a hard massage. I recommend at least one easy day between a hard massage and a hard workout.

Furthermore, I strongly recommend drinking lots of water, taking a warm bath, and getting adequate rest afterwards.